Finally, a low risk strategy to

Hedge against Ringgit Depreciation

using a Specialized type of unit trusts available in Malaysia

Without needing to endure the long queue at money changers

...even with as low as RM 1,000 to start

This strategy *will Work* to your advantage

What is currency "spread"?

It is the difference between the Buy & Sell price at your money changer

Also equals to the profit the money changer makes

Seriously, why do you want to Hedge against Ringgit now?

So it would NOT affect you even if Ringgit continues to weaken next year

Think About What A Difference This Could Make by Knowing how to Hedge Ringgit before it Weakens More

Is Currency Hedging Common? What are the Benefits?

It could counter the impact of investment portfolio loss, such as what EPF have done

It is bread & butter for airline companies to manage the volatility of oil prices

What is the Outlook of Ringgit Going Forward?

I will present to you 2 news headline below and you be the judge.

No price for the right guess 🙂

So, you might then be wondering, who is this program for? I don't want everyone -- only the right people.

This is for you if...

  • You think that Ringgit is going to devalue more, and you want to protect the value of your Ringgit holdings
  • You are NOT a high risk investor
  • You believe in portfolio diversification and asset allocation
  • You are a long term investor, and not a short term trader
  • You have plans to use foreign currency (example SGD) in the corresponding foreign country in 3-5 years time, and intend to lock in today's exchange rate

If you fit the bill, then you can skip this next part. On the contrary, if you're not sure, check out this list to make sure this course is right for you.

This is NOT for you if...

  • You are already in FOREX or options trading, profit some but lost more
  • You monitor your investments everyday because you are a short term trader
  • You do NOT believe in long term value investing
  • You do NOT believe in portfolio diversification using unit trusts
  • You are looking for a get-rich-quick trick or scheme

If you ARE interested in learning more, then keep reading, because now it's time to see what you get when you order your course today...

No BS, no gimmick and no beating around the bush -

Here are what you'll be getting

  • Why you want to hedge against weakening ringgit
  • The major reasons Why ringgit is weakening (in case you didn't know already)
  • Which funds to use for ringgit hedging
  • How to execute this ringgit hedging strategy
  • What is the risk of this hedging strategy
  • What is required to execute this strategy

Here is a preview of the content


How a small 10% drop in the value of invested capital RM 1,000 vs SGD can already earn you back the cost of this course


You can learn this Ringgit Hedging strategy with absolutely Zero Risk

RM 99 One Time Payment Only
  1. Please bank RM 99 in to Maybank Account# 110161061520 (LIEU CHING FOO).
  2. Then, send me an email with your transaction slip attached to 
  3. Please allow for 24 hours for the login username/password to be created manually for you.

Try All of This Risk-Free For 30 Days

Yes — I totally guarantee that this Ringgit Hedging strategy you are going to learn will be so eye opening. In fact, I back it with a 100%, iron-clad, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied — for ANY reason — email me within 30 days. I’ll refund 100% of your money – which is why payment via Paypal is recommended since it protects you, the buyer in case of any refund or dispute. No catch. No questions asked.

That’s a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days. Where else can you test-drive learning course with no risk to you?

I’m so sure you’ll love this Ringgit Hedging strategy that if you get a refund, I invite you to keep all the learning material. That’s how confident I am about this online course.

I’ve taken all the risk so you can see how well this works.

I want to give you another one bonus -

A 30 minutes 1-1 session conference session (value: RM 100)

If you buy this before and up until 31 Oct 2015


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Once payment is made, you'll be able to access the mini course recording, right after registration. This mini course is in the form of self-paced tutorial video & ebook

What if I need help to execute the strategy after the mini course?

You are not obligated to seek our help to execute the strategy should it suit you, but if you need our help, our associate will provide help accordingly via a 1-1 session.

Are you teaching me what I already knew?

Guaranteed NOT. This is NOT about investing in Kenanga Growth Fund, Eastspring Small Med Cap, CIMB AsiaPac Dynamic Income or CIMB Global Titans. This is about utilizing 2 specialist funds (to be revealed in the mini course) with 2 other financial tools to hedge home currency devaluation.

How much time will this take me?

The content itself will take 1 hour to consume & understand. Thereafter, should you have further questions (likely), there will be an open discussion inside the protected membership website to support you in the executing of the strategy.

How do I pay and register?

Payment can be made using Paypal account or credit card via secure Paypal system.  Do refer to this Instructions Page

I currently have assets in foreign currency (example SGD). Will this strategy work to my advantage?

Absolutely YES.

I have questions before buying. How do I contact you?

Please email me at